We love Grandad!

Dayne loves for Grandad to read to him. Nothing makes my dad happier than that as his famous phrase is “reading is the gateway to knowledge and knowledge is power” He’s still holding out for someone to pick up the fiddle and join his band (Ridin’ the Faultline, which performs at Joe Morley’s BBQ in Midvale on Friday nights and endless gigs everywhere else – shameless plug!) but maybe sharing his love for reading is the best he’s going to get with the grandkids. Who know!

3 Comments on “We love Grandad!

  1. Sorry for not commenting sooner, Kass, our computer has been acting wacko. I spent 5 hours on the phone with dell and am back in business. Cute blog. I have checked it lots and am waiting for some more pictures. Don\’t leave me hangin\’ all the way out here. I need some updates. Love you all tons.Ginger


  2. Kass Akin…well, Martin, now!How the heck are you?! I decided to do a little blog surfing this morning and was just thrilled to see your lovely face after so long!I think the last time I saw you you had a cute chubby baby at Stacy\’s wedding shower! You look great and your kids are just darling! You are welcome to visit OUR site http://eyrelife.blogspot.com!We hope all is well with you! Hope you don\’t mind me stopping by for a visit now and then…Jessie(Nichols), Dustin, and Wyatt Eyre


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