Old Timers!!!

Happy Birthday Greg and Todd. The Big 30!!!

14 Comments on “Old Timers!!!

  1. Kass your new pictures looks so cute! I wish I was there so we could hang out! Who knows maybe I will be there in 9 months!? Your hair is so cute and I like how you are wearing Lakers colors! Go Lakers!


  2. kass, my email address is ashleythompson_83@msn.com add me so that I can see your blog. How exciting to be in a house I think it is the greatest. Your kids are cute. Carly and I are going to plan a reunion before the concert this year so I will need to get your address to get in an invite.


  3. Kass! So completely random how I stumbled upon your blog, but just wanted to drop a line and say hello! Your family is beautiful! Hope all is well since our dancing days.Take care!Jen Stagg (Martineau)


  4. Wow! Ok I guess it has been a long time because I don\’t remember the last time I saw you with long hair, it had to have been in Ms. Zaug\’s 5th grade class. Your babies are deluctably adorable, and you look fantastic as usual!!


  5. Hey Kass-Do you remember me, back from the good old Gap days? I found you through Steph\’s blog. I hardly recognized you with dark hair! You and your family look so cute!


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