Happiest Place On Earth!!!

Disneyland seriously is the happiest place on earth. Dayne had a total blast. He rode every ride (but Indiana Jones, he’s a little too short for that one) and loved it. I wasn’t sure how he would handle it, possible heart attack from all the jolting…you know i’m super paranoid and ocd but he was in heaven. It was such a perfect day. Our trip was so great. If it hadn’t been for hitting the deer at 4 a.m. on the way home I would have to say that our trip was perfect. I guess that kept me alert in the wee hours. Go Akin family reunion 2007!! Woo hoo!!

5 Comments on “Happiest Place On Earth!!!

  1. Looks like a fun trip. I love Disneyland. I cried at the parade watching Avery wave at all the princesses.What great costumes you guys had this year!


  2. Such a great family! Love the picture, even the wedgie behind Brian 🙂 You\’ll have to save a Disneyland trip for us someday! (Paul\’s never been…. what kind of childhood is that???)


  3. Kass! What a cute family you have!! When I come out for Christmas we must, we must get together, your babies are SO cute! You can see the twinkle in Dayne\’s eyes at Disneyland. What a FUN thing to do as a parent, watch your cute kids have a blast! What a FUN Time! Next time it\’s Disney World in ORlando!! Come stay with us anytime. I love seeing your little family and all the cute pics- you are such a cute mom! Truely \”Super Woman\” and you still have your cute little muscle body even after having babies- you are my hero!Rach


  4. Yay for the Akins! We loved your visit! We loved seeing your kids! We love you and Bri! AND we miss you guys so much. I can\’t wait until next years reunion. Maybe next year you should fly. Love you guys. Give your kiddies a big hug and kiss from their aunt G.


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