Here comes Santa Claus

Dayne loved Santa this year. I was so proud. He’s been traumatized every other year so this was a shock. He was trying to convince me that he could talk to him from the side and not sit on the lap but I told him Santa only bring toys to little children who will go up to him, sit on him lap, tell him what they want and tell him thank you for all his hard work. He was saying “I’ll stay to the side and Santa will say, “Hello little boy, what do you want for Christmas” and I will say, “A car game” and he will say, “Okay” and I will turn my head and he won’t see me anymore.” What is it with kids and thinking they disappear when they turn their heads? It’s so odd. Maybe I should try that tactic a little more often 🙂

3 Comments on “Here comes Santa Claus

  1. Way to go Dayner Boy! Im so proud of him… Now he can tell the other kids that Santa really is nice! When is our Christmas party??? We need to start planning!


  2. Ha ha! I love this story. Dayne is so methodical about everything. A very smart, articulate boy for sure!P.S. thanks for NOT having one of those word-verification thingys. I have the hardest time with those. They\’re trying to confuse the spammers… but I must admit, they\’re confusing me too!!


  3. They are all so cute! I have to put a shout out for our mutual neice Ivy…she is so cute )and Isabelle and she look like they could be sisters). I still can\’t believe how big Dayne is. jana


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