Cutie Pie!

My cousin Chelsea made this adorable outfit for Bridget. She looks so dang cute in it, don’t you think? Those cheeks are the perfect addition too. I love it. It’s so nice to be related to incredibly talented people. Thanks Chels! (click on Chelsea Anderson’s awesome stuff on my friends list to see more of her great creations)

6 Comments on “Cutie Pie!

  1. Oh my gosh… I want to squeeze those cheeks! Kass you have the cuttest kids! I am so happy for you guys, what a cute little family! Way to go 5 years!!!!Love you!


  2. Kass, Your little girl is so cute! I just want to pinch her little (BIG) cheeks! It was good to see you again up at Sundance. I hope you girls had a fun time!


  3. that little Bridget in the outfit Chelsea made for her is so freakin\’ adorable! I love it! I also got a kick out of watching Dayne take that jump on the sled! What a hoot!Love ya!


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