Happy Anniversary Baby!

Well it’s been a wonderful 5 years married to my one and only. Brian is such an amazing hubby and dad. I could go on and on about how great it is being married to my best friend or how wonderful he is but I won’t bore you all so happy five years Babe, you’re the best!

8 Comments on “Happy Anniversary Baby!

  1. Kass, oh wow, I saw your name on a list from a blog that my sister in law (Kristi Eyre) told me to look at and I wondered if it could be you! Okay, I just started a blog tonight so I don\’t even know if I am doing this right, but this is Allison Singer, now Allison Monson. I hope you get this b/c I wanted to tell you that your family is so so so precious. You look AMAZING and so happy and your kiddos are adorable! I love the cheekies on your little girl. So, do you still live in Utah? I saw your cute mommy and Emily on your blog and it was just so good to see yall. Everyone looks so great. Okay, how many kiddos does Emily have? I ran into Jessie at a wedding about 3 years ago and he told me her third was a girl, but I didn\’t know if she\’d had more since then. Since I am new to this, I don\’t know if you are getting a message from me with my blog name on it, so in case it doesn\’t show up like that, my blog is http://texasmonsons.blogspot.com. Please tell your family hello from me and I am so glad to see you are doing so well! Allie


  2. Yay, I am so happy I figured out how to contact you and it actually worked, I was so worried I was doing it wrong! Seriously, this blog thing is insane, I started looking at my friends\’ and sister in laws\’ to get an idea of if I wanted to, and I found people that I haven\’t seen or talked to in years. It is really such a small world, but I am so glad I found you! Thanks for the update on the rest of the fam, and I am excited to keep up to date on you and your cuties through your blog. I can\’t believe how much has happened since I saw you last, that\’s a lot of grandbabies your mom has had in a few years! How exciting that you live near Emily, I bet yall have so much fun. I think I am actually coming to Utah in January or February to visit my old roomate Ashlee (I think you met her forever ago) and I would love to see you. I am pretty sure our boys would love to play together! Well, we are off to the ward Christmas party, it\’s a Night in Bethlehem, and we have to dress like that time period. Needless to say, I don\’t have much in the closet that looks like that! Hope you are doin great and thanks a ton for writing back, it was great to hear from you! Allie


  3. It was so good to see you IN PERSON today…even if we both (I\’m really speaking for myself, here) could have used a shower and some mascara. I can\’t believe its literally been years since I saw you and just as you said, I don\’t feel like we\’ve skipped a beat due to this blogging craze we live in! Kudos to the cyber world! 🙂


  4. Wow! Has it been five years?! I remember getting your announcement…and it definitely doesn\’t seem like five years ago! What a good looking family. It\’s fun to get a glimpse of what\’s been happening for you. So many of us (the old friends from high school) have been so blessed! I hope we can run into you guys someday…mainly so Bree can meet your cute son! Happy Anniversary … and Merry Christmas!-Robbie Harmon


  5. Kass I was thinking about you in the 12th. Remember how I got married two days later?! Happy Anniversary you two!!! Hope you had a great way to celebrate. Five years is a big deal! seriously….. You both look as happy as can be!Shanna


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