Ski bunnies

So I went skiing for the first time since my freshman year in high school. We went for Angie’s birthday! Happy Birthday Ang!!! We had a blast. I thought I was seriously going to barf I was so nervous but we all ended up having the time of our lives. We (well mostly me) were giddy and being crazy but we seemed to calm down enough to not tumble down the mountain. I hope to go more this season. I’ve got to have a hobby that includes this snow so I don’t just freeze in it. Thanks Hannah for all the great gear. You are the best!

8 Comments on “Ski bunnies

  1. I\’m glad you found my blog! It looks like you had fun skiing. I still have never been…even though I\’ve lived in Utah for 10 years. How sad! Adam and I are excited to get to know you guys better. I\’ve had people come up to me in the ward and think we are sisters because they think we live \”together\”. It\’s pretty funny. Oh and your kids are the cutest! I still haven\’t seen your little girl so I\’ll need to come see her sometime.


  2. Hi Kass, long time. No I don\’t mind I am so glad you checked on us. It is quite fun that our kiddies are the same age. Yours are so darling. Happy five years! My page is not that interesting yet because I just started, but thanks. Keep in touch, Kris


  3. That was the funest fun that ever funed in funsville! Lets go again as soon as we stop nursing (wink wink). Have fun driving twenty seven million hours to missurah!


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