Dayne’s first day sledding!

This is Dayne sledding on the Martin’s hill. Bri being the boy that he is built a jump for him. He loved it! He says it’s his favorite thing! I missed the fun while I was working out. I don’t know if the jump would have flown with me if I was there. Good thing Grandma was there to share the moment. Dayne’s having the time of his life here in Missouri. Sledding, games, race cars, cousins, candy, candy, candy! What more could a little boy want?!

18 Comments on “Dayne’s first day sledding!

  1. I love it. We will have to get the boys together to go sledding. Berk can\’t get enough of it, and I can\’t bring myself to put all that gear on everyday, twice a day. Looks like you had a blast though. I am glad you made it home safe


  2. Oh my gosh Kass you guys are too cute! That is awesome that Dayne loves sledding and the jump is impressive! That is sad that Bridget is sick… Savannah has had a ruff time to with sick, teeth, etc… When it rains it pours.. I also can\’t believe you guys drove 17 hours wow!


  3. GO DANERS!! I love that littlte man. He is a champ for doing that jump! Miss you guys. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.G


  4. how cute is that! He is so little to go so fast and fly in the air like that! Kesley had her first experience this year again and hated it! She won\’t go down by herself. I showed her Dayne going down and she just said scary! then said \”mommy I don\’t have to do that huh!\” I love the video clip. So cute!!!!


  5. Hey Kass! I love all of your fun holiday pics and especially the video of your brave cutie pie son on that jump! What a little stud! We do the Christmas PJ\’s too, and I love that tradition! You are a trooper for making the long drive with a sick little one, I hope she is better now. Sounds like a fun get together at your house with Ryan and Emily for your hubby\’s b-day, yall were always the most fun to hang out with. Tell them hi for me! Has Emily considered starting a blog too? Tell her I think she should! I love looking at all your updates, you look like the happiest, funnest family! Hope you had the best holidays ever! Allie


  6. Okay, now I am laughing! Being called skinny by the fitness experts! Seriously, you yourself look tiny, tiny and in such great shape, and your little Bridgy was seriously just born! You really look amazing, better than ever, I love love love your bangs. And I still remember the day Emily came home from the hospital after having her second and she was wearing regular jeans! Yall are amazing. Do you guys still work out at the same place in Provo? Does your mommy still teach classes? I\’ve actually been bummed b/c I finally started getting really into running again and I broke my silly little toe! I just ran into a step in my house and heard a loud crack and you wouldn\’t think that would hurt too bad, but I couldn\’t run for 6 weeks! To make matters worse, it was around the holidays and I was loving the cookies, fudge, and treats galore! Good thing I was still running around after two boys, one of which I seriously have to wrestle with for every diaper change, now that\’s a work out! Nursing was the biggest way to loose weight for me, right after a feeding or pumping, I would be famished and eat more than my 215 pound hubby, so I guess it made me burn a lot of calories. But obviously I am not doing that anymore, that would be a little much for the 15 month old! You are sweet and certainly made me feel so good, especially coming from you! So, I may come to Utah in Feb. and would love to meet for lunch or something. Are yall still near Provo? I would be staying in Orem. It would be fun to get together!


  7. Okay, I think my friend Ashlee and I have finally set a date to meet in Utah! We are thinking the weekend of Feb 8-10th. It isn\’t for sure since my flight benefits require that I fly standby, you never know if the flights will be open to allow us on! That\’s the fun part of it! It is funny yall are going to Vegas b/c that\’s where Ash is coming from to meet in Utah! Hopefully since we are aiming for mid month and yall don\’t go until the end, we will be able to get together. That really would be a blast. Reading your comment brought back a lot of memories for me. I really loved spending time with you, you are such an upbeat, fun person to be around! I always loved hangin with your fam. What a fun and close group yall are. Vegas sounds like it would be a fun place to have a reunion! It sounds like you guys all really enjoy living so close together and take advantage of that all the time being workoout parters and everything! That\’s awesome. I will let you know when we know more about when and where we are meeting! I really would love to see ya!


  8. Kass! What a big boy! I laughed so hard to see him just drift through the air off that jump like Alladin and the magic carpet ride. HE is SO cute! And your little girl looks just like you… What FUN you look so happy being a cute little mommy. I miss you…Luvs,Rach


  9. Fun, sledding is so fun! Tyler didn\’t enjoy his first time going, mostly because it was freezing cold and we were far form home. Your kids are very cute! Bigelow is my last name by the way:)


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