All grown up

I am a little depressed and happy at the same time b/c here is my little man all grown up on him first day of school. He is the best little boy in the world. I love him bigger than the sky. He’s funny, smart, a good eater, loves to read, loves the Backyardigans, loves his little sister, loves to talk, run, laugh…he’s amazing! I don’t think him growing up is going to be easy on me.

4 Comments on “All grown up

  1. What the… I just barely commented, then a new one popped up!He really is a golden boy. Who gets that kind of toddler??! I hope he\’s your only one or I\’m thinking it\’s just not fair.


  2. He is so big, I think that your oldest always grows so much faster. Does he have any problems with Sunbeams? Berk can\’t figure out if he likes it or not. Maybe it is because I am there in the Pres.


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