It’s been forever!

Here are some more pictures while we were in Missouri; Dayne’s famous tough guy face while giving the peace sign. Notice the bruises and scratches? Bridget got to him with her killer nails and I dropped him on accident while doing a “trick” that didn’t turn out too well which only added to the goose egg and bruise he got from tripping and slamming face first into a glass door, Ouch! Sorry Dayners!, Bridget’s famous pose, Bri’s birthday WooHoo the big 28. Love you babe!…

4 Comments on “It’s been forever!

  1. Bri looks really cute in that beanie… Oh, wait, that\’s Bridgie! Why do i feel like she looks so much like Brian? Both kids are so freaking sute. I was literally LOL at the Dayne stories. I love it!


  2. I love Bridget\’s lounge act. Avery needs her as a girlfriend. All she\’s got are fellas. I was just thinking the other day in the middle of a wicked bout of cabin fever that I wish we were still neighbors and we could just pop over and play.


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