Holy Crap!

I peeked into Bridgy’s room before heading out the door, to check on her as I always do, only to find her zonked in a heap of poop! I definitely didn’t get to my destination on time considering the mess she was in and I couldn’t leave her there with crusty pants, hair (yuck), hands (double yuck)…even if she was sleeping. Oh, the joys of motherhood. She squealed like a little pig while Bri and I bathed her and got her fresh again. She’s strugglin’!

14 Comments on “Holy Crap!

  1. Okay, that us the cutest apron ever! You look like a total hotty in the kitchen! What a fun mom in law to give that to you, it is adorable. So it\’s a bummer, but we aren\’t sure if we are going to make it up there until closer to the end of Feb. I will be so sad if we come while yall are in Vegas. When exactly are yall going to Vegas? I really want to see you and meet your adorable little ones. Your little man looks so so handsome in his sweater before school. Your family is precious. My email is txmonsons@yahoo.com. Hopefully we will be able to get there before yall take off. That would be so fun! Allie


  2. Love the apron! She did such a good job on it. I guess that does mean that you need to start cooking more often! LOL! P.S. Your kids are so cute and getting big!


  3. Ok so I really wish your mother in law lived here! She is so talented. I want to take all of her classes and learn how to make all of these adorable things! I can\’t believe how cute your kids are Kass. You are such a great Mom, Thanks for the great example.


  4. Wow school that is crazy! Your kids are darling it was good to see you at the mall well it\’s good to always see you at the mall :-).. That apron is soo cute you should sell them. I love bridgets pose that is funny.


  5. Hi Kass, I love a cute apron and you look amazing. Your kids are so darling.n Those cheeks are to die for. It is fun that your kids are at the same stages in life as ours. see ya


  6. hey, got your comment and I have a few in return…One thing that has helped me (albeit I only have one little one to worry about at this point) is I just plop down right after breakfast – when he\’s alert, fed and patient, and read a bunch of books. I dunno, maybe you could make them fun picture books to keep Bridgy entertained with them too… or just let her play with her toys for a few minutes during that time. I mean, 20 minutes is a long time though. Maybe try starting with 10 minutes then see if it\’s more feasible. Some reading is always better than none I suppose. I just know that if I leave ANYTHING to night time, TV ALWAYS WINS THE BATTLE. I just love to veg at night.And you\’re crazy. I look up to you as one of the (probably THE) best moms I\’ve ever known. You are such an incredible mom, and always remember that if mommy doesn\’t get a little time to take care of herself, it NEVER benefits the kids.Lastly, way to go on the nail-biting. I know that\’s a hard one to break. Keep it up! That\’s great!


  7. Hi Cutie, I love that picture, because that is my life too. You are so cute and very fun to see your blog. love ya forever, Liz Whitney


  8. Hey guys,I haven\’t talked to you forever. So good to see you and your rockstar fam. I loved the poo pic. My favorite part is the fact that her hands were dirty. Gotta love where those kids go searching for gold. -Joe N. (Britt\’s hubby)


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