Going Private, Seriously!

I really am doing it this time. If you want to see this blog please, please leave me your email address. I’m not messin’ around this time. Even if you left it before when I cried wolf will you leave it for me again? I’m doing it March 1st. That leaves plenty time. I love to blog hop so it’s not a big deal if we’re not that close just leave the email! Okay, I have said my peace, Thanks my fellow bloggers! Here’s a couple pics just for fun. This is a typical day with Bri. I am embarrassing him but he loves me just the same 🙂 What a guy. I do love him.

20 Comments on “Going Private, Seriously!

  1. I don\’t know how going private works, but I am making sure you have my email so I can still look at your cute blog with your cute pics! I love your blog, it is so fun to see such a happy family and it makes me so happy for you. By the way, we also have been invaded by the blowout poopy diapers this week followed by the worst diaper rash I have ever laid my eyes on. I just took Braden to the pediatrician who gave us a prescription strength diaper rash cream…..so I picked it up at the pharmacy and it was 75 bucks. Yikes, diaper rash cream for $75! This stuff better work miracles. Even though that is a ridiculous amount of money for some booty paste, I think I would pay about anything to help that little guy\’s buns out, they look miserable. Okay, I think you have it, but I want to make sure! My email is txmonsons@yahoo.com. So will my email address be my password to get onto your blog? Hope you aren\’t still cleanin poop! Allie


  2. Oh all your recent posts have been so cute!! I\’m a really bad commenter but I love to look. How about Lily having one of those blowouts each and every day? It\’s a joy. This morning it went up the front and filled her belly button. I spent a couple minutes trying to clean it all out of the button crevices.


  3. Well, we would love to be invited–my email is jstout9811@yahoo.com! By the way…your kids are so so cute! Seriously, Dayne\’s outfit on his first day of school…unreal! I love it!! I can\’t believe he is already so big! Time definitely goes by way too fast! And by the way, I am sure I will be joining you with the diaper blowouts…I just started Dax on Augmenten today and everytime he takes it…well, it is a nightmare! Anyway, Bridget is adorable, even covered in poop!! 🙂


  4. wow…it looks like i found your blog just in time. it\’s claire, and i\’m so glad i found you. check out my blog, and i\’m so excited to be able to keep in touch with you guys now. brian and i were just talking about how we needed to get together with you cause it\’s been forever. btw. dane is cute as always, and so is you little girl.


  5. Lady Kass of Utah! I was so excited to see that you had left a comment on our blog! How the heck are you? I have no idea how we fell out of touch, but Joe and I were actually talking about you and Brian the other day wishing we had kept in better contact. Thank heavens for blogs. What are you guys up to? How wonderful that you have 2 kids, I can\’t believe how HUGE and darling your little (or not so) boy is! I remember when you were prego with him, you are still what I aspire to in my pregnancy, to this day I have never seen anybody look that good up until the day they had the baby. Impressive. And now you have a girl, how perfect is that? Anywho, my email address is brittnabs@gmail.com Don\’t leave us behind when you go private! Nice to keep in touch!!!!


  6. I was blog hopping today and found yours. I wasn\’t going to leave my email address in fear you might think I\’m psychotic or something, but then I read your comment that you blog hop. I think a ton of people do it, but are afraid to admit it. anyway, your blog is cute and if you want, feel free to add me to your list. dariseh@natr.com.


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