What a Rockstar!

Nicole Hill did a photo shoot(check my fellow blogger’s list for her website) with Dayne today. The theme was Rocker baby and anyone who knows Dayne knows this is just the theme for him. He has a serious rocker face and had a blast. Thanks Nicole for doing such a great job and Dayne don’t dream of ever wearing anything like this again 🙂 You’re always my little rockstar!

27 Comments on “What a Rockstar!

  1. oh heavens!!Those are pretty much the cutest pics ever! He is a little stud to say the least. He will love those pics when he is older too. Your family is darling. Thanks for visiting my blog, i visit our often as well. I would feel privledged if you added my email to your private blog. lindslee@hotmail.com.Ps– i am thinking about venturing out today with the 2 kiddos. wish me luck!


  2. Those pics are so cute!!! I am so glad that you found me so I could find you back! I am taking Nicole photo class right now. She is super cute! Come visit me…you know where to find me! 1-5 everyday.


  3. Could he be any cuter. I think that you have a model on your hands. He is so photogenic. By the way I check out your blog all the time so keep sending out cute pics of your sweet kids


  4. Kass! this is so random I know, but when I saw these pics I just HAD to comment! They are AWESOME! Nicole is amazing! I have been dying to have her take my daughters pics, and now I am going to have to after seeing these! How cute. Both your kids are just ADORABLE! ~Meri Marshall Simpson


  5. He is so cute Kass. You need a cute grouping of these framed for his room. And one for your mom adn dad and bri\’s parents. He was perfect for that photo shoot.


  6. Such cute rocker pictures! And I just had to comment here because I didn\’t know how else to respond to your quesiton about the animal cards…they are the coolest! They are baby einstein animal cards, if you just google it you can find a number of sites that sell them. Bree loves them and the older she gets the more fun they\’ll be! Your family is so cute! ~Jesika (Robbie Harmon\’s wife)


  7. Oh my goodness! Those are the cutest pics ever! I have just learned of Nicole Hill recently, and I love her work!!!! Does she still do her class? I\’m so glad you commented! Your so cute! and you have two kids! That is so great! my email address is ashleeraubach@gmail.com keep in touch! dont ya just love blogging!


  8. Hey just found your blog thru liz\’s!!! Those pics are too stinkin cute!! She does a great job!!!! Keep in touch jessica and craig! p.s we are adding you to our friends list. Beware!!!!!!!


  9. kass hey girl how are you? You and your little family are so adorable! He is a little rock star! I found your page through Heather Telford… It\’s so fun finding friends and seeing what everyone is up to… Looks likes you are happy and doing well. oh and I saw this lady in a public restroom the other day holding her baby as far from herself as she could cause she had poop leaking out everywhere… it reminded me of your little expidition the other day… what an adventure! I may not be laughing as much when it happens to me 🙂


  10. K, seriously though…how cute are these pictures of Dayne! Definitely the cutest rockstar ever! And yeah…I woke up this morning and my back was sooo sore! I coudn\’t believe it–it was tons of fun and great to see you! For the record, you so do not dance like a white girl…I need to learn some things from you!!


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