Girls night out!

We all went to dinner the other night just as girls, compliments of Meg and TJ. We had such a great time. We were laughing and goofing off and just loving some girl time. Thanks Meg and Teej! It was nice to have a break from the kiddies considering I have hardly left the house to do much other than take them to the doctors. So as you can imagine I was really giddy having some time to myself. I am so ready for some warm weather and this awful sick season to be over. The Girls Nights Out will be what ties me over until the sun is shining and warm! Love ya ladies!

10 Comments on “Girls night out!

  1. I know what you mean about not getting out to do anything when your kids are sick…and when it\’s winter! Yuck! My neighbor friends and I just had a punk rocker party the other night without any kiddos, it was amazing what a GNO can do to refresh your senses! Those pics of Dayne are so cute…guitar hero man!


  2. you girls are always up to something fun!! Its great that you have each other for GNO. that is just the right medicine for a mother!! Ps. What is up with every single one of you looking gorgeous as ever!!


  3. Looks like a super fun group of gals! So sorry about your sick babies. I hope they get better soon for your sake and theirs. You look better than ever! Classy lady you are!


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