New Hair!

I was in need of a major change and thanks to Chalese (my sister in Law) and her beautician skills I got just that. I cut off about 5 inches or so off the back, if you can believe it. It feels refreshing and light. It looked like she was sweeping a small dog into the dustpan at the salon. Thanks Chalese! and my photographer Dayne.

23 Comments on “New Hair!

  1. Wow! How fun! That place looks great! With all the trampolines? How fun! I Solee would love that place. You guys are so lucky you got to go out on Valentines Day, I swear we have just accepted the fact that it will be us + kids every V-Day from now on.


  2. Seriously, the fun really doesn\’t ever end with you guys! I wanna come play! I\’m impressed with all yall get out and do with all the snow you\’ve had this year. It must take you a year to get out the door after bundling kids up! It practically takes us a year to just get shoes on! It is so good to see all the fun pictures of your super fun family. It made me smile to see your dad, I always loved Sunday nights with that guy! He had so much wisdom and love to share with his family. Give him a big hug for me! So, we just got back yesterday from a spur of the moment, last minute, crazy fast packin trip to Disney land! It was a blast and I will be posting all the pics on my blog tonight! We went to celebrate for Sean and also because now that he is on with Continental, the first year is really rough and we will not be seeing as much of each other as we like. So, we thought we\’d get one last family trip in before they fill his schedule with a million flights. Because of that, our trip to Utah has changed to probably just me and the kids coming there once he starts training. He will be really busy learning the new airplane, so we will take a trip up there to give him some good study time! Since it is a company change, we will have to wait until we learn the new pass travel system and then fly up. It will probably be March, so not too far off! I really want to see ya, so we will be sure to plan a get together!


  3. Oh cute hair! And just so you know, no lemon bars were served at that \”party\”. Those are reserved for our closest friends only. 😉


  4. I love it. I am trying to decide what to do with my hair. It is in need of a major face lift, but I am scarred to do anything to it, I think I want to grow mine out, Wood thinks I should Bob it. Like I need to bring anymore attention to my chipmunk cheeks.


  5. Lookin good! I love the new haircut, you look gorgeous! How nice to have a stylist in the family, you must love that! Have a ton of fun in Vegas!


  6. Kass, I am so happy you found me!! I love looking at new blogs, and it was so fun to see your growing fam!! Dayne is huge and I am in LOVE with the rock star photo shoot! That is too cute, what personality; how priceless to capture his little different looks. And your darling baby girl is so cute!


  7. I\’m so glad you found my blog and Im so haooy you are loving the house and ward it was sure a nice area to live! Your family is so dang cute!


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