DaYnE’s SiLlYnEsS!

Dayne is one of the funniest kids I know. I know that I am bias but let me tell you he cracks me up all the time. I caught him in the bathroom with a bloody lip. This isn’t alarming to me b/c he has had this issue with lip picking for a while. I looked at him in disappointment and told him that it makes me sad when he picks his lip. We have had talks about treating our bodies good b/c Jesus and Heavenly Father gave them to us and it’s not nice to pick our lips, scrapes, hangnails, fingers…I know this habit comes from me b/c I can’t resist. Anyway, he looks up at me and says “Is Jesus going to come down and punch me?”I was trying my hardest not to laugh. He’s such a nut!

13 Comments on “DaYnE’s SiLlYnEsS!

  1. Hey, I was going to tell you… Bridget has been looking more and more like you lately! She\’s totally got your eyes (in my opinion.)And no Utah trips planned at this point. Things have been a little hairy at Studio 1, so I haven\’t a clue if they\’ll be paying for flights to work out there any time soon, and I certainly can\’t afford to buck up the money right now! 🙂 Hopefully in the summer! I miss you though. I think it\’s time for the husbands to take charge, and the wives to have a weekend of nice weather in Dallas with Bree and Sarah!!


  2. Kass- Blog hopping is addicting uh? I LOVE blogs and they are seriously the best way to keep in contact with people! Your little family is so cute! Oh and I love the new hair, I need something new! Also its so weird to see you in Jill\’s old kitchen? Are you loving your new house?


  3. Always fun to hang out. It was so nice to see the Martins today. I love when kids say funny things it makes me so happy. Dayne is awesome and one of the cutest boys i know!


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