Vegas baby here we come!

My family went on a much needed trip to Vegas. The weather was a great break (although colder than we had hoped) but the highlight was meeting Lee and Ginger there. They are so fun and it was great to be with them. Here are some pictures from the trip; Dayne and Adam entertained themselves with all sorts of activities. Activity for this day was playing under the sink. They were the cutest of buddies on the trip.
My mom and Sam with Bridgy girl. Bridget was amazed at all the colors, lights, sounds, people…everything she saw she would tighten her lips, open real wide and say in her scratchy voice “wow” it was adorable.
Mish, Mikey, me and Bri.
Stratosphere. I was so happy to be out of town. It was great.
Dayne is such a great traveler. He’s the best.

12 Comments on “Vegas baby here we come!

  1. That looks like a blast! We are headed there in a week, I hope you warmed the place up for us! I hope you didn\’t do anything that would make \”Jesus come down and punch you in the face!\” haha, Dayne is too cute.


  2. You look EXACTLY like your mom!!! Is it just me, or is it pretty trippy to see yourself looking more and more like your mama? Sometimes I see pictures of me and my mom and think, \”When did this happen!?\”Both of our moms are pretty cute, though…so it certainly isn\’t a BAD thing! Just trippy!


  3. Kass, you look amazing! You seriously have the cutest clothes and look too cute in all of them! You are one fashionable mama! Your hair looks so good, very glamorous! I love your red jacket you are wearing in the picture of you and your hubby at the Stratosphere. It looks like the family trip was a blast. What a fun group of close siblings and their honeys. Your mom looks amazing as always! Give her a hug for me. You are so lucky to be going to Disney twice in a year! I am jealous, there is so much I want to go back and do already! We are looking at April for a trip out to Utah, and I definitely want to make sure we meet up! I was so sad we haven\’t been able to make it out there as early as planned but after all I\’ve heard about the cold, maybe it will be good to wait until April! Hope you\’re doing great! Allie


  4. Looks like you had so much fun. I can\’t convince my family to all take time off at the same time and do something fun. Maye sharing these pics with them will entice them.


  5. I\’m so jealous! What a cute family! You guys look like you had a great time and you all look like a bunch ofsuper models!Invite me next time -k:) Even though I am a distant relative. Can you tell I need a vacation?Love ya!Chelsea


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