Not a fake out, time snuck up on me!

Okay, I know it’s March now and yes if you are visiting this blog you may notice (or may not, I don’t know if it actually changes when you go private) that we are not private yet. I am collecting all the emails that people left – greatly appreciate it – and getting it all situated. I swear time flies. I don’t have things change from one day to the next so I rarely know what day it is so it’s no wonder how March sneaked right on in. Anyway, for those who haven’t left the email, for crying out loud leave it. I have so many more posts to entertain you with! Hahaha. Thanks people.

12 Comments on “Not a fake out, time snuck up on me!

  1. I\’m dying at all these Vegas pics! I\’m jealous of such a grand vacay with the whole fam damily. Well, sorry I haven\’t commented in a while– with Logan here, and the competition, things have been mui hectic, and blogging had to take a back seat.Oh, and I was just made our ward\’s YW president. That may have added to the lack of time.Anyway, love you!!! And I know you have my email so add me into the privacy if you ever actually follow through with it! 😉


  2. Hey Kass this is Ashlee Allen (now Fegan). I love reading your blog. Pathetically our family just got the internet. It is great to see what everyone is doing. I would love to have a blog of our own but probably won\’t because of the nature of my husband\’s job. We try to stay on the down low. I guess I could go private. I go to your mom\’s aerobic class frequently and I love it! Hope I can be invited to your private blog! My email is


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