My happy man!

So Bri loves, loves, loves gadgets. He’s always wanting the latest phone, Ipod, TV, Playstation…A few months ago our hard drive completely froze up-crashed-died and after many tears on my end our friend, (who is brilliant and on my good list forever) recovered over 4000 pictures. Don’t ask why these pictures were on the hard drive and not printed, that’s a whole other story. Hallelujah! Well, to “repay” him Bri bought a new TV from him. Keep in mind that we at this point already had 4. Ridiculous, I know. But how else are he and Taylor going to play side by side combat on Socom? They “needed them” Anyway, we got a new TV and with that a new entertainment/media cabinet too. This is the entertainment center a few days ago.

Bri, happy and a clam assembling the pieces courtesy of IKEA
Bri says to me “Babe, where is that bag of screws?” “Huh?” I am feeling guilty already. He continues, “I had a bag on the counter with nails and screws in it, I have to have them to finish.”
Oops. Yup, that’s me after I had dug them out of the trash. I got on a cleaning kick and I guess everything went in the trash 😦 I still have a sneaky suspicion it was him but oh well!
Bri cleaning his baby. Getting rid of all the Dayne and Bridget smudges that accumulated over the course of the day.
The finished product. I love it. I think it cleans up the room a lot. Bri has already sold our TV and has listed everything else we own on KSL. Good job babe! You’re awesome.

17 Comments on “My happy man!

  1. Wowsers, that\’s intense. I\’ll have to make sure Dan DOESN\’T stop by this blog until this particular post is further down than his attention span lasts. He\’ll be on my case for months. NOTHING is more essential than a 60\” LCD TV in his humble opinion.


  2. Let\’s just say I think your hubby and my hubby could be very very good friends! I love that you threw that bag away, Sean mocks me so much for my crazy cleaning. He says if he even puts something down for a second and looks the other way, I will have it clean and gone! The room looks great and I am so glad you didn\’t loose all your pics, that would be the saddest ever!


  3. The flat screen definitely gives those sleek clean minimalist lines to the room. This I learned on HGTV one of my favorite channels. And you gotta love IKEA, that\’s where the majority of our stuff is from too! I gotta tell ya I love the new doo, it\’s so cute! Love the bangs, She Bangs She Bangs, (remember that UVSC dance and Amber Delabout fluffed and Angie did a side leap into the aroma and nearly fainted.) Good times. Congrats on the hair and TV!


  4. Sorry to comment again! But Rachel on your blog is that Rachel from the team??? Our Rachel :)…it\’s private…can you send her my email? If she doesn\’t want to add me that\’s okay, but if she does I would love to see what she\’s up to! K…sorry again about all the comments!


  5. im jealous of how clean and un cluttered it looks! Our entertainment center still remains…im hoping it will \”break\” one of these days because i LOVE flat screens and clean family rooms! Lookin great!ps. my email is if you would feel it necessary to add me


  6. The new TV looks really good. My husband has been eyeing the overly large 78\” inch TV at RC Willey to put in our just finished basement. Why a TV so large is beyond me, but men buy what they want and need \”Right\”?


  7. Hey, Kass! My email address is I\’d love to have access if you ever really do go private… ha! Who is it that makes Bridget\’s headbands? I LOVE them. We\’re expecting for the 3rd time this fall & if it\’s another girl, I\’ll be going broke on those headbands, if you tell me how to get them! Are you guys coming back to St Jo @ all this summer? Have a super weekend!Tracy


  8. Kass- That looks great!!! It\’s amazing what new additions can do to one room! Shane and I should do something like that because our big tv sits on an old two cabinet 1/2 the size of the tv little \”entertainment center\” it looks pretty rediculous:) Nice work!!!


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