Bridget’s birthday!

We celebrated our little princess’ birthday this week. We had a fun little party for her. She’s feeling ultra big these days standing up, cruising around the furniture and trying to walk. I made these two cute party dresses she’s wearing above for her big day-inspired by my aunt Lila. They turned out adorable! As you can see she hated the cake so she had a pop tart instead. Silly. Love you my sassy little Bridgy girl!

12 Comments on “Bridget’s birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Bridget! I sure do wish I was there to kiss your cute little cheekies! Love you SO much!(I love you too Dayners)XOXOAunty G


  2. They turned out sooo cute! She is so adorable Kass! I can\’t believe she is 1 already. You are such a cute little momma. I also love the easter pictures! Such a cute family!!!XOXO


  3. Okay so your kids are so adorable! My little boy Slayde also loves to ROCK OUT! I love keeping up to date with all your cute pics…you have such a cute family! Oh and Happy Easter!


  4. She is so adorable! It is fun to see how they react on their first Birthday to the cake. My son hated getting his hands dirty, so it made it even harder to put a cake in front of him. After a while he stopped crying!


  5. Hey there, It\’s nice to hear from you. I\’ve looked at your blog a couple times while checking up on Jessie, but didn\’t leave a comment just \’cause I thought you wouldn\’t know me. 🙂 Anyhoo, I\’d love to be able to read more so add me to your list when you go private. A couple things to ask you; remember a girl named Candice on the UV dance team w/you? she got a boob job? older than you, my age? I can NOT remember her last name and I want to track her down.Also, I met your sister in law at her salon in Sandy a month or so ago. While I was living in Herriman I was referred to another girl by a friend, but your sister in law cut my sister in law\’s hair. She\’s cute! I saw a picture of your bro and that\’s how I made the connection. Small world \’eh?


  6. Oh man! She\’s one!? No way… I love her name, I love her smile. I love that she\’s sassy and wanted a pop tart! Girls are so fun. The dress is adorable.I\’m reading the stories off to the left and dying! The one where Dayne said his heart tells him to find you! Such a great idea to record those precious memories. I can\’t wait to have those experiences.


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