Dayne’s Day Out!

Grandma Martin sent Dayne some money for Easter. He has been keeping it safe in his “purse” (Elmo box with a handle, little worried that he calls it a purse…how about calling his man purse a sachel like my Dad) and today was the day to cash in. Gotta love the Dollar Store to make any kid feel like a millionaire. It was so cute to see his decision making process while we were there. He’s so funny. Love that kid. His choices: a race car and a power ranger with dress up armor and weapons. Thanks Grandma! We love you!

24 Comments on “Dayne’s Day Out!

  1. Your family is so cute and your little girl looks like you so much! I am glad you stopped by to say hello! This blogging thing is great to keep in touch with old keep in touch!


  2. Hello Kass! I know, every time I go to my parents ward I look for you! Where did you move to? Yes, I am really liking my hair, it is fun for a change. Your family is darling! You are so creative making those dresses for Bridget. I have been sewing lately but not dresses yet! I have been thinking about going private as well…not sure which email is needed . . .


  3. How cute, I love the shopping trips when they get to pick their treasures! It takes Blake forever to decide, it always cracks me up. Your little guy is so so so cute!


  4. Kass,Once in a while the money works. I\’m so happy he could pick out something special. Much better than getting another stuffed bunny.We are so sad to miss out on the fun times with your family and with Taylor too. This blog keeps us in the loop. We love and miss you all. The photos are darling. What a treasure.Love, Mom Martin


  5. Kass- that\’s so cute! You\’ve gotta hang on to those precious moments forever… I\’ve always told myself that I would keep a book for my children and write down all the funny things they did and said and that way I would remember them forever… although no kids yet so we\’ll see if that really happens 🙂 Love ya! You are adorable!!!!


  6. Thats freaking hilarous. Dont nephew once wanted a babydoll since all my neices had one….he eventually grew out of it! hahahaha…You guys are still looking like the cutest family ever!! Love ya!


  7. Kass! Your family is so beautiful all the memebers look like super models and super man models! Your kids are so cute too! I am so happy for you guys what a fun Fam-milly! You look so slim and cute! I miss seeing you!!!Rach


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