It’s Official!

My mom has been trying for years, seriously, years! for me to teach at Golds and I finally decided to do it. I teach a aerobics/dance class called Hip Hop Hustle. It’s a super fun class that ANYONE can do. I have had girls who have never taken a class before and women who are in their upper 50s in the class following along and having a blast. I teach Monday nights at 8 at the 9th east gym in Provo and Thursday nights at 7 at the university pkwy gym by the mall. I also do some toning in the end too. Come, get your friends, family… It’s an awesome workout and let’s face it everyone loves to dance. See you there! 🙂

11 Comments on “It’s Official!

  1. I am jealous…I want to come maybe you should start teaching at the Golds in Bountiful. I would be there every week. With my preggo tum and all. I am really excited for you-Congrats.


  2. way to go Kass! i had no idea you taught that! I can totally see it. You have the personality, body and energy. I would love to come to your class sometime. I bet you\’ll look darling up there!


  3. Ohhh, I would love to come-too bad I live in SLC! I\’ve always wanted to teach a class! What a great way to look like a hot mama! I bet you\’ll be so great!


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