blogging bummers

Well, I’ve heard over and over that no one puts that “bad” stuff on their blog. Well here goes. I am losing it. My sweet but broken husband is causing me major grief b/c I am now in charge of EvErYtHiNg!!! I feel bad for him b/c he’s trapped on the couch, bed…wherever he can prop up his leg but in the mean time I have crying, teething, whiny, stinky…kids who need me and I’m outside trying to get rid of the mounds of dandelions that are ruining my life. Agghhh! Well, I guess venting is the only thing I can do so there it is. On the good side we did go to the doc today and Brian’s in a walking boot which he won’t walk in for another month but things are moving in the right direction. I will post pictures of what we uncovered at the doctors-Gross! Things are yellow, swollen, bloody, strangely shaped…I’m so glad this didn’t happen to me. I love you Bri! You are my one and only. Just get better already! 🙂

8 Comments on “blogging bummers

  1. Oh my goodness, that made me cry, I was just thinking if that happened to me, with him in the hospital. I am so sorry and also grateful that everything is okay!! I also want to go to your class, that sounds like soo much fun!!


  2. Hang in there Kass! I know I\’m not in your shoes and never have been, but it doesn\’t sound easy! Just rememeber you are doing the best you can and it will all work out! I am sure you are great at taking charge. I am sure you have everything under control! Your the greatest mommy and I am sure your the greatest wife!


  3. Hang in there, things will get better soon. I can remember when my husband had surgery on his foot and could not walk on it for almost a month. I had just had our first baby and it was really rough.


  4. Hey Kass-Would you mind if I quote your little boys cute things that he says! I am doing this thing on my blog where I have people sending me funny stuff their kids say and do…or just really smart stuff…either way…some of the things Dane says are hilarious! I won\’t link back to you unless you want me to…and I\’ll keep you anonymous or I\’ll post his pic but not his name…he just says the funniest things! WEll let me know by email or just on my site and comment! And send me some funny stuff if you ever have time! THANKS!


  5. You are such a great wife! Brian better buy you a rockin present for all your hard work! I was starting to think you were super human, thanks for posting this blog to help me realize you are indeed a normal person with feelings. Love your guts!


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