My Accident

Here are some more pictures of the day of the accident.  No one on the mountain had a camera so we don’t have any pictures of the actual position of the leg.  When I hit the tree I looked down and the bottom half of my leg was at a 90 degree angle to the rest of my leg.  I thought for sure it was a compound fracture and that I would have bones sticking out all over the place.  These pictures were taken with a camera phone once I had been airlifted to the hospital.  They didn’t have any meds for me when they had to splint the leg on the mountain to prep me for the helicopter.  That was the most painful thing I have ever had to go through.  They couldn’t get me on the back board and have my leg sticking out so they had to set it the best they could. You can see from the picture that my leg has an unnatural curvature. 

They got me to the hospital and they couldn’t do surgery for 6 hours so I was just hanging out. They tried to put me under to set my leg.  These two residents were pulling my leg every which way to line it up and they were using this mobile X-ray machine to make sure they were doing a relatively good job.  The problem is that I kept waking up while they were cranking on my leg. I guess they underestimated the drugs they were using.  Taylor was taking these pictures with the camera phone.
Finally the surgery happened and everything went well.  I woke up in the recovery room and then started the other problems (read Kass’ post).  I included the X-Ray of the broken leg and you can see that the tibia broke much lower than the fibula did, which didn’t make much sense to the surgeon, but what about this whole experience made any sense?

20 Comments on “My Accident

  1. Bri, that X-ray is scary! I think I would have fainted when I saw my leg at a 90 degree angle! How ever did you stay coherent? You are a trooper! Heal soon, and be extra nice to your wife, who loves you dearly, but seems stressed. Amazing how much we rely on our husbands!


  2. B…buddy that is sweet. I wish I\’d been there to help you out of that one. You gave me a good scare. I still have yet to even talk to my boy. I can imagine you are busy busy trying to get acclimated to work and everything else. so no worries here. I do miss you. Remember that time when EZ\’s board cut across the bridge of my nose? Love you guys. thanks for the updates. Paully


  3. I still can\’t believe my eyes when I see that x-ray. Ouch is all I have to say! Kass–it\’s prob. better you weren\’t there in the beginning!p.s. loved your birth stories–seriously I LOVE hearing them they give me hope!


  4. Kass!!!Holy freak! This gives me goose bumps. I can\’t imagine how this was for you guys. This is so sad. 😦 I am so so sorry to hear about the accident. I hope he feels better, I am so glad he is ok! Go to blockbuster baby, it\’s time to re-watch all your fav movies! Sometimes a slow down in life makes us all realize what is top priority! I am so glad he is all put together!Rach


  5. OH MY !@#$$%^&()%$###!!!! Bri! I cannot believe this. It makes me shutter to think of your leg being 90 degrees to the top half. Gotta run to the toilet….Ok, I\’m back and 3 pounds lighter. That\’s incredible. I know Kass has also been put through the wringer the last few weeks. Love you both- and best of luck with a full recovery.


  6. Four things:1). I am glad Brian is okay! What a nightmare!2). UPDATE!3). I need to come to your class still! I am dying I want to so bad, I just keep forgetting4). The picture of Dane on your side bar is so funny! He is so stinking cute.


  7. Glad you left a comment on our blog Kass, cuz that means you are alive!! Of COURSE we miss you terribly at the games. Maybe we\’ll start having a moment of silence for you at the start! I hope that you are hanging in there, oh, and that Brian is getting better too. Please let us know if you need anything!!


  8. OUCH! Now that looks painful. I guess we won\’t be seeing you guys at the ball fields this year. Kass, good job woman. It sure does get hard when you have to do everything. I guess it makes us appreciate their help when they can help.


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