My Recovery

Well things are getting a lot better. I went in yesterday and met with the surgeon and finally got to see my leg. I was under during the surgery and they didn’t really tell me everything they were going to do, or they did and I was too out of it to care. They made an incision at my knee to slide the titanium rod down through the length of the tibia. They made an two incisions on the inside of my knee and the inside of my ankle for the locking bolts that hold the rod in place and they made two incisions on my shin for a clamp to hold my bones together for a total of 7 incisions and about 20 stitches. The grossest thing is that the leg hadn’t been washed in two weeks! They have now fitted me with a walking boot that can be removed and I have been given permission to start putting some weight on it. It will probably be another 4 weeks before I will be able to walk without crutches. I am able to get around a bit better. When I go out to a store I use the old people carts to get around, which is kinda funny but it works a lot better than the crutches. My knee and ankle are very stiff from being immobilized so I am starting to do my physical therapy also. It is painful, but if I want to get out on the golf course anytime this summer it is important.

5 Comments on “My Recovery

  1. Brian! Oh my gosh! That sounds awful! I\’m sorry to say that I laughed out loud when I saw you on that Rascal… so funny!! Get better quick, & keep that leg clean. I\’m sure your family doesn\’t want to smell that \”under the cast\” stank:) Just kidding – I wish you a speedy recovery!!Tracy Martin


  2. Brian, we are SO glad you are doing better and are home healing! As a get well gift for you, Joe and I have decided to move back to Utah county. No need to thank us, we just know how much it would mean to you. 😉 Can\’t wait to hang out!


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