So, after 8 great months of Taylor living with us and being my “manny” he has left us. He went home to say goodbye to friends and family and then he’s coming back for a few short days and then he’s off to the MTC for his mission to Spain. We are so proud of him. He has been such a blessing to our family especially with Brian’s accident. He’s so helpful with the kids. I kept asking him if he’d just rather serve me for two years but he’d already made up his mind. The people of Spain are so lucky to have such a great missionary. Taylor we love you. Dayne keeps asking when Taylor is coming back. When I say that he’s home visiting friends he says (all huffy and puffy) “Taylor’s never coming home to be mine uncle! When is he coming back?” It’s crazy that Bridget will be close to Dayne’s age when Taylor is back and Dayne will be in elementary school. I don’t know that I’m quite ready for all this change. 🙂 Thank you Taylor for all you’ve done for us. Love you!

Taylor’s going away party started at his & our favorite place-Costa Vida. I think he ate here a million times while living with us. I’m not thinkin’ he’ll get anything like it in Spain 😦

Saying our goodbyes at the airport. I had to hold back the lump and remind myself that it wasn’t the “official” goodbye, just temporary!
Brotherly love! It’s been great for Taylor and Brian to live together. Brian moved out of the house when Taylor was 10 so they have really been able to get to know each other and become great friends.

19 Comments on “Depression!

  1. oh so sweet! I LOVE costa vida also…just had to sneak that in…and I love how Dane is so funny! You are so good at catching all the cute stuff he says…I need to be better at that!


  2. It\’s always so nice to have some good help around the house! Dave\’s mom is like that. When she comes over she takes over and I LOVE it! Dave went to Barcelona on his mission and his brother went to Madrid. So we are a Spain family! Thats really exciting!


  3. holy crap Kass… I always read just the first blog thing I see and then write a comment and I havn\’t been on this blog thing forever so after I already posted to you I then went back and looked at all the pics and read some of the commentary and oh my…. You have been through a lot!!!! I\’m so sorry and I hope you are doing ok! I bet your new gym classes are a good stress realiever or at least they should be… that is so fun, if I lived down there I would totally go to your class!!! Hang in there babe!


  4. Taylor will be such an incredible missionary, He is such a sweet guy! You were so lucky to have him there for so long. You look so cute in all the picts Kass! Dayne cracks me up!XOXO Meg


  5. How exciting for him though…missions are the greatest! I am jealous he is just leaving on his because mine was the greatest experience! Sad for you though…having those helpful hands around!


  6. I\’m sorry you lost your \”Mammy\”, but I\’m excited that he\’s going on a mission!!! The time that you got to have him livving at your house will be unforgettable and your kids relationship with him will be stronger, I\’m glad that you got that time. I\’m glad to see that you\’re posting again. I\’m sorry that you had such a hard time when Brian was hurt!!! Lets do lunch soon!


  7. I just want you to know that last night jesse and i were both craking up, laughing OUT LOUD reading all of the funny things Dane says. he is so funny and so cute!


  8. I was just reading the side of your blog and getting a kick out of all the cute things Dayne says. My favorite would have to be the \”mine heart\” one. He sounds like such a character, I bet there\’s never a dull moment.


  9. Just popped into your blog to tell you how stinkin excited we are to hang out with you guys when we move out there! We will be driving out the 30th of June and living with my parents up North until our renters move out of our Lehi home (end of July). We are going to have SO much fun!!!!!


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