Update on the broken leg

My leg is doing much better.  I am walking (slowly) without a boot or any support and I am able to put all my weight on the leg.  We just got back from a Disneyland trip and walking in the park was a little too much too fast so I rented an electric scooter and rode that all day.  If they think you are handicapped you get to go to the front of every line.  So we didn’t end up waiting in any lines.  The only reason I am able to put weight on it is because of the titanium rod and screws keeping it together.  As you can see from the X-ray, the bone is not healed.  I start formal physical therapy tomorrow and I am hoping to be back on the golf course by August.  Keep your fingers crossed.

12 Comments on “Update on the broken leg

  1. That still makes my bones ache! I cannot imagine breaking a leg bone and trying to walk on it again. I sure hope you heal up quick with your therapy.


  2. Ok, I love the motorized scooter bonus!!! I hope everything continues to go well while you\’re healing! We\’re crossing our fingers that you\’re back on the golf corse SOON!!!


  3. Thanks for the belly laugh when talking about getting to the front of any line if people think you\’re handicapped! What a riot!Hope you feel better & better each day!Tracy


  4. Thats amazing! I cant believe your whole story. Very cool that your up and walking on your own now. That must be nice not to have any gadgets attached to your leg. The Disneyland thing is awesome! We all need to hang out soon. Its been way too long.


  5. I am JUST finding out about this! Seriously, where have I been without having acess to your blog. It is awesome that we can blog and keep up with each other. It took me about 20 minutes to get updated on everything in your life. I am so proud of Bridget for walking. YEah, the video was great.


  6. Hey Kass, It was so nice to hang with you at Rio while Britt was here. Your kids are adorable!! We need to get together sometime. We decided to go private and I need your email. Talk to ya soon.Tara


  7. I can\’t believe those X rays! Wow. Did they have to use their longest possible rod? Or custom make one for your big bad long legs? Geezers.


  8. Hey Kass,I have been on a major Blog slacking kick and I wanted to see how you are! It looks like hubby is getting better, I am glad yall didn\’t have to miss your trip to Disney. That would have been a huge bummer. Hope you are doing awesome! We should be coming up sometime soon, and I will let you know! Allie


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