Bridget and her party dress!

Aunt Jenny gave Bridget this adorable “party dress” (as I call it) for her birthday. Isn’t it the cutest, sassiest thing ever?! I love it. This was just before church a couple weeks ago. I thought she looked too cute for words. Thanks Jenny!

13 Comments on “Bridget and her party dress!

  1. I\’m a little sad I won\’t get to buy any cute girl clothes for this baby (since it\’s a boy obviously). Girls are so much fun that way! Love the dress and adorable headband!


  2. So cute Bridget. I cant wait to have a girl! Its still crazy to me. When Im shopping online I still find myself looking at boy bedding and clothes and I forget…WAIT I can look at pink at now. Its so fun! Her dress is adoreable!


  3. Okay that dress IS too cute for words! And of COURSE you are an aerobics instructor! I think the next time I venture up there Lisa and I might have to try it!


  4. Such a cute dress and adorable girl in the dress. I still can\’t get over how big Dayne is. If I lived in Provo, I would love to go to your classes. I am sure they are lots of fun:) And you are totally right. Whenever we do go to Utah next, we HAVE to get together!!!


  5. I fell in love with this little lady at the wedding. What a cute ray of sunshine and always so curious. You definatly have your hands full with that one. Berk keeps asking when he is going to play with his friend Dane again. It was so good to see you. You look amazing!


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