My Dad is a MARRIED Man!!

We can’t believe the day finally came, my dad got married. He married Julie. She’s the nicest, coolest gal around. We are so excited for them to share their lives together. They had their reception in Julie’s mom’s backyard. It was a Garden Party to remember. Tons of friends and family, great food, singing, performances by Ridin’ the Faultline (my dad’s bluegrass band)…what more could you need? It was perfect for them.

The whole group together.
All the sisters.
Our little family!
Handsome lil’ guys!
The Bluegrass Band! For sure my dad had to preform on his big day! He loves it!

10 Comments on “My Dad is a MARRIED Man!!

  1. How fun for your dad! I am so happy for him, what a great guy! Yall all look amazing as always. I love the sister pic b/c not only are yall all wearing great clothes, you are all accesorized perfectly too! Kass, you are tiny, seriously, the hottest mama ever. You really look better than ever. I wish I lived there and could go to one of your classes to whip me in shape! I bet your classes are an absolute blast. How\’s hubby\’s leg? Hope all is great!


  2. I totally forgot about the big wedding! Great picture, all you girls are so cute. Pineapple is what my dad\’s friends in high school called him because he used to move to Hawaii every summer with his sister and her husband. It stuck with him, he loves it!


  3. Kass! This is great news. I am happy for your dad! You look hot in your photos by the way! I read your post about adding another class at Gold\’s. I didnt\’ even realize you taught there. I want to join just so I can go to your classes! That would be fun…although I am a bad dancer. I love body pump and step though, do you do either of those?


  4. congrats. that\’s so exciting! what a fun shindig. everyone looks dashing in their garden party attire.can\’t wait to see you guys.p.s. tell Emily i\’m really liking her hair that length.


  5. Oh I wish I could have been to this too! Looks amazing. I love that everyone was there. I am so glad your Dad found such a wonderful woman. I love Em\’s hair short like that. It makes her curl look just amazing. You look like you are glowing. So pretty Kass.


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