Let Freedom Ring!

I love the 4th of July! We pretty much do the same things every year and I am a stickler to tradition. We have done the Provo parade every year since we moved to Utah when I was 8 so that was a must. Then we go over to the Sorensen’s house for a watermelon bust-sing songs (that was new for this year) on their stage, go home take naps, then this year we went over to Emily’s for a bbq, dancing, hula hooping contests, fireworks, smores…it was non stop. We didn’t make it over to the big firework show but the kids were having a blast and we didn’t want to ruin it. We didn’t wake up until 10 today. That shows how pooped we all were.

This is the group after the parade. It was super hot but with a little cloud coverage here and there we were able to survive. The kids loved every second of it.
Little Miss. Bridget. She was so captured by the floats. I love this picture. It’s so festive.
Here are the ladies again. We miss Lee and Ginger especially at family times like this. We wish they could be here for all the fun.
What a cute family. This was at the bbq at Em’s. The kids were jumping on the tramp, running wild and loving life.
My Dayner boy and me! He’s so much fun. He’s excited about pretty much everything and makes holidays so special for us.

3 Comments on “Let Freedom Ring!

  1. Oh man! I majorly missed out. Honestly your fam is gorgeous. I like Chalese\’s hair a lot. I can\’t believe I missed out on the singing with you guys this year. I\’m loving getting caught up on you. Sorry I\’ve been delinquint.


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