Happy Happy Birthday Dayne!

Some of the boys at the “transformers” party. They made their own personal pizzas, colored transformer pictures, danced…it was so fun.
The Martin tradition is to wake up the birthday boy with presents in the morning. He loved having all his stuff first thing in the day. He was so happy!
We went to a new burger joint, EZ Take Out with my dad and fam. It was so good.
Below is Dayne blowing out his candles at the park. We had desserts and busted a pinata. It was really funny.

Dayne is my favorite boy in the world. We got to celebrate his 4th birthday over the weekend. We had a blast. We had a friend party and a family party. He kept saying he had “the best birthday EVER!” We love you Dayne! You are sweet, funny, cute, obedient, our best bud. We are so grateful for you. Here are a couple pics from the weekend of fun.

25 Comments on “Happy Happy Birthday Dayne!

  1. Looks like yall had a blast for your little guy\’s birthday. I love all your funny stories with the things he says, he sounds like he is so fun to be around! He is going to love reading those cute stories about him when he gets older. You are such a cute mommy to give him a friend party and a family party, I bet he felt so special! The workout pictures were great! You are in the best shape ever! Allie


  2. Happy Birthday Dayne! It looks and sounds like it was quite the PaRtY!!! It\’s so cute that he said it was his best birthday ever, I hope they just keep getting better Dayne!


  3. Happy birthday Dayne!!!I love this little guy sooo much! He is always so excited to see everyone, such a good boy, so smart, always smells fresh and delicious!!!! The list could go on forever! I love him. You are such great parents Kass. Thanks for the great example! P.s. I\’m so sad I forget to watch K jazz. I hope you recorded it. You look so skinny miny!!!XOXO Meg


  4. Happy Birthday, Dayne!In your KJZZ post, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE Denise Druce! She was one of my professors at the U and one of my mentors/bosses at the gym I personal trained people at in Salt Lake! I adore her and LOVE that you know her, too!!! Tell her hi from me!


  5. Happy Birthday to Dayne! I can\’t believe he is four. He seems like he is pure boy but that he also has a real sweet side to him. When are you guys coming out to Florida???


  6. Sure does look like you had a crazy weekend with all the parties. Fun though!! Happy Birthday to Dayne from me. I think we had three parties for Braden this past year, all in one weekend, and now he thinks whenever it\’s someone else\’s birthday, it\’s his too! At least he knows Christmas is just once a year. :)You look great by the way! I wish I was teaching a class, but I\’m too much of a wuss.


  7. I can\’t believe you have a 4 yr old! You have such cute kids. That\’s so funny you were on TV-you couldn\’t pay me! Especially now when I\’m prego and EVERYONE looks extra tiny to me right now!


  8. Gage sure had fun at the big bash. He wore his transformer mask till it was mangled. We\’ll have to do dinner since our boys know each other from way back when. I\’d love to see the pictures of them together. How fun!


  9. So bummed we missed it. Sorry! So we need to get together soon and do lunch and let the bambinos play. Im painting Alli\’s room this week. Its so cute! I just got her chandelier in the mail. It is going to be glamorous. haha! I know you are totally singing \”Glamorous\” right now…dont deny it 🙂


  10. Hey Kass!!Sarah Horsley here. Ok, first of all your family is soooo cute…you look great, and I loved checking out what you guys are up to!! My husband claims EZ Burgers \”EZ FRIES\” are the best fries he has ever tasted, I take one look at them and go into cardiac arrest! It will be fun to keep in touch this way!:)


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