Well, there is this new class at Gold’s Gym called Zumba. I don’t teach it but the instructor asked Emily and I to be on KJAZZ with her to spotlight the class and get the word around. Anyway, it was so funny and fun to be there. Emily and I were dying and laughing at the whole thing. We felt out of our element-shakin’ our booties and shimmying on television.

14 Comments on “KJAZZ

  1. That is great! Kass, I know you were loving the part about being on t.v. :)People will be flocking to the class becasue they want to see you and Emily in person!


  2. Kass,I feel so privlidged to now know a famous person. I am so gealous!!!!!!! How cool is that.You better bring a copy when we see you at christmas time. Becides, weren\’t you going to teach us some moves in Cali? Just send us a tape of you in KJAZZ and we can see you everyday. PLEASE! Sorry, it\’s 1:30 a.m. can you tell? I need to go to bed. Love you!


  3. Well you didnt look out of your element at all. You guys looked hot! Me and my sister Megan had fun watching you. We both were like \”Kass looks great\”. That class looks like a lot of fun!


  4. Ow!Ow! I love this!!! Didn\’t know y\’al were shaking your junk for the camera and the entire state to see!!!! NICE!Sad I missed it… when can I see a copy? Tell Bri to post on Youtube ASAP!, Pronto! NOW!Love ya!Lucy


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