Random happenings over the past couple weeks. In no particular order since I can’t seem to post chronologically.

Dayne and my mom went to the rodeo. He had the time of his life. He thought it was the funnest, coolest thing he’s ever done. I got him dressed up in his hat, sheriff badge, holsters and guns. Every time the music would come on my mom said he got his guns out and shot into the air.
This is us. It seems that our pictures are more of one of us with a kid or two so I thought I’d put this up for the hubby.
Dayne and Bridget in the bike trailer. We went on a bike ride on the 24th. Up the canyon, then back down and hit up Bajio. It was a great day. Bridget is getting more and more tolerant of being in the trailer. She’s either smothering Dayne with kisses and hugs or pushing him out of the way which is problematic in the small space. They seem to have a good time singing and making strange sounds while I bike. Brian isn’t quite up to speed as far as pulling them yet plus you all know how I love a good workout.
Bajio. Delicious as always.
RoCk the BlOcK! Bret and Ang invited us to their neighborhood extravaganza. It was so awesome besides that Bret signed me up for karaoke. They had a dunking booth, food galore, cotton candy machine, sno caones, ice cream, a DJ, fire works like the stadium of fire-seriously, and chocolate cake, hence the picture above. We can’t help ourselves. To us it’s funny every time.

18 Comments on “Random happenings over the past couple weeks. In no particular order since I can’t seem to post chronologically.

  1. Love the cake in the teeth shot….seriously Kass, maybe its time to grow up…or maybe not LOL! PS how hott(yes hot with two t\’s for extra hot) is your mom, looks like youre having an awesome summer!


  2. Hello Blogging Beauty,I thought of three more THS inbreeds to add to our growing list:Laura Swim and Chase HaleAnnie Stewart (Mary\’s little sister) and Alex GrowRegan Brough and Laura Swim\’s little sisterWe could do a whole post about this, couldn\’t we?! Sure loved seeing you last night! You look fantastic!


  3. Your kids are so cute! Love them. I wanted to let you Im having a couple girls nights this weekend and it would be way fun if you joined us! Ashley is coming to the Fri one…among others. And Tasha and Casey are coming to the Thurs one…among others 🙂 But anyways check out my blog for more details. I miss you!


  4. I love the picture of Dayne and your mom. We loved going to the rodeo, it was fun. We have been doing a lot of bike riding too, but I need a handy bike trailer. It looks like you\’re having a wonderufl summer!


  5. Those helmets are to die for! Oh my word I love that photo. You\’re right, your kids couldn\’t look anymore alike. I think I\’m gonna do another playdate at my house so I\’ll let you know when. Dinner was super fun the other night. It was something we need to do more often, but minus my little companion who sat next to me and whined the whole time.


  6. The story about Dayne shooting the guns up in the air is CLASSIC!! Looks like you guys had a blast, loved your comment about pioneer heritage…It is mind boggling to think how they lived and what they went through, they are amazing examples.


  7. I agree with Lucy, Kass you are too tiny. Or maybe I am just getting too big (I know that\’s the truth). Eat TWO burgers!Also, whenever I would ask my parents if there was a kid\’s day, they would replay, \”Everyday is kid\’s day.\” I think I will say the same thing.Jen


  8. So cute Kass! I LOVE Bridg and Dayne. Such adorable kids! I love just listening to dayne, he is so funny. So cute that your mom just took him to the rodeo! I am so happy you captured that picture of Bridget! Priceless!XOXO, Meg


  9. Kass, it is so fun to read your blog and see all these great photos. We would love to get together. I didn\’t know you guys are into biking… we have a \”Chariot\” bike trailer that we pull Daniel in and he LOVES it too. Maybe we could come down and do dinner and a bike ride or something? This week is kinda crazy but next week we could do Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evening?? Hmmmm…


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