Don’t be alarmed!

Okay, so Blogger only allows 100 readers when you go private. You wouldn’t think that 100 readers would add up so fast. But it does! I like being private but I have run out of room. So some of you have been added to the “authors” list to make more room for other readers, friends, family. Please don’t add, change, delete what we have up just keep visiting and commenting like before. Thanks! We’ll give this a try and see how it works. PS Isn’t this background super cute? Christy, Bri’s sister, helped me do it from “cutest blog on the block”. She’s so creative and Brian was wondering why I have kept ours “plain” so I got her help and I think it turned out really cute. Now, I look far more creative and computer savvy than I really am. I’m going to Cali with my mom and kiddos so I probably won’t be posting so until then here’s a little picture of us gals swimming at Meg’s parents pool yesterday. It was so fun being with Britt. She always makes me laugh so hard. She’s unlike anyone else I know. And Bree came to visit. We had a great time at dinner. It’s so fun having her here. I miss my friends. I want you to move HOME! Love you both!

14 Comments on “Don’t be alarmed!

  1. Hi Kass! Are you still private? I just tried to subscribe and it wouldn\’t let me. I am glad Bree got to see all you cute girls while she was in town.


  2. Fun you and your friends are cute it\’s always fun to get together with the out of towners, and look at you miss popular 100+ nice work:-), have fun in Cali and I love the new blog look


  3. Way to be prompt! I LOVE being with you. It was fun! xoxo I Love the background too. Can\’t figure out how to do that on my own computer. You\’ll have to teach me. I\’d love to see Bree too. That is the worst thing about living away. The other away livers and I cross paths!


  4. You are hilarious. I love all the pics with the thing on your teeth. You\’re mom is ripped! Check out her arm. Wow. I\’ve only seen her once at your wedding. Your kids are adorable.


  5. Love you too baby cakes! I am so happy that we got to spend two nights together! You are the best. I hope we live in the same vicinity for the majority of our lives, at least!Love the background, and, Britt, I would LOVE to see you too! We need to plan a weekend in Vegas!!Seriously.


  6. Why wasn\’t I there. I am so sad. You girls are all so beautiful. What sassy mom\’s you are. Don\’t go private unless I get to be one of your 100. We will be home in two weeks yeah!!


  7. Kass, how can you help it. You are just too popular. It\’s either that or everyone just wants to see your adorable kiddos. Yes Christy is creative. I love the look. Take care. Jenny


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