Florida vacation!! Celebrating 5 (well almost 6) years of marraige! It was a blast. Here’s what we did! (sans kids)

We left the kids with my mom for the week and flew to Florida to celebrate our anniversary. My mom was so great with the kids. They didn’t miss us, I don’t think they noticed we were even gone. Thanks mom for taking such great care of the kids while we were gone. It was the first time we’ve been away from them so this was a big deal. We couldn’t have done it without her. So here is the vacation review:

Is this really Florida? REALLY? We were walking on the beach the first day in town and in rolls a rainstorm. We ran like the wind back to our hotel but that didn’t stop us from getting completely drenched. We were sloshing in our shoes and hating that we spent all the money to visit somewhere sunny and only find rain!!! LUCKILY it was only a passing storm and the rest of the vacation, even the rest of that day was beautiful.
Eating at Bubba Gumps. “Run Forrest Run”
Lunch at my all time favorite place Panera Bread!! We were so happy when we stumbled upon the best restaurant ever!
Miniature golfing outside our hotel. I of course got stomped by my golfing hubby but oh well. My ball was girly pink, it didn’t help my game.
If only he were on a real course, he would have loved that. He’s not ready to waste money on my poor skills as a golfer quite yet. I don’t think our game here did anything to change his mind either. Oh well, better luck next time. 😀

24 Comments on “Florida vacation!! Celebrating 5 (well almost 6) years of marraige! It was a blast. Here’s what we did! (sans kids)

  1. Hi Kass,Looks like so much fun! Mark and I went to Hawaii last year to celebrate our 10 yr.anniversary, it literally rained the 7 days we were there. It was a bummer. Looking back, we still had a blast.Take Care.


  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Sean and I need to go on a vacation together without the kids. We have not been on one in almost three years. SAD!!!


  3. What a fun trip! I\’m so glad you got to go. Thanks again for such a fun night the other day. We had a great time and so did Max! Let\’s get together again soon! Meatball subs rock! LOL


  4. I wish, I wish, I could only wish we could go on a vacation like that right now. Sounds like you guys got some well deserved R&R. So, while I am writing this Andrea is farting up a storm. No one ever tells you just how crude little babies can be. Everyone farts though, right kass.


  5. what?!? a vacation without the kids? you lucky ducks you! :)looks like such a fun vacation and i am sure you needed some time away alone. love all the pics.


  6. How fun that yall took a little trip just the two of you! Those are so fun to do and it is so great when you have awesome grandmas to leave the kiddos with. I bet the kids had a blast with your mom! You look so great! Fit as ever! It looks like your hubby\’s leg is all better too! I bet you are so glad that is behind you! Hope you are doing great! Allie


  7. Oh that brings back so many memories of Daytona with UVDT. I remember when the pimps would cruise the beach in their drug dealer cars and think they were so cool. I never knew where they came from or how they got on the beach. So I guess you guys have special hook ups. That is so funny, I bet it was grand!


  8. wow, we made your blog:) we loved having you guys out here and we would love for you to come out again and stay for longer. it had been too long since we had last saw you!


  9. Ok so there\’s a Panera Bread right by my house. Wish I\’d have known! We would have gone there. What do you get? I haven\’t been.Was the rain warm? I love Florida rain!


  10. That looks so great Kass. The beach cruisers etc. I love the photo with the pretty colors too. You look real pretty in the picture where you took it of yourself. That\’s hard to do in those photo\’s. You still haven\’t quite mastered uploading more than 5 photos per post eh? ha ha.


  11. KASS! You in big trouble girl. lol jk but not really. You should\’ve told us you were here in Flori-duh. I know you wanted to get away and enjoy some r and r, but we get free tickets to disney and all the goods. You can always stay with us for free.99. Looks like you guys had a blast. I miss you girl! What part of Florida did you go to? Love ya later!


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