Fall Fun!

Carving pumpkins was so fun. Here is our finished product.
It really was a “boys” night b/c I was making apple crisp while the boys carved and tried to keep Miss. Busy Bridget away from the knives. She did grab it a couple times. I swear her hands are lightning fast.

Bridget is getting so big and talking all the time. She calls all around the house for me. I heard her the other day say, “mama whe aar oo?” (where are you) and then she came into my room and says, “oh, coo”. Since when is finding me cool? I’m happy it amuses her.
Bri stained the fence with lots of help from Dayne.
Witches night out at Gardner’s Village is a family must. We love to go and cackle for coupons, eat yummy treats, dance and watch people dressed up in their best witch costumes. We were happy to have my dad, Jack and brother Mikey with us.
The ladies of the night. Mish, my mom and me. My mom and I decided this is our last year not dressing up. If that means leaving the kids and men at home to fully party, so be it.
Brian in all his efforts to get Bridget to smile for the camera. It’s a lot of work but this is the best we can get. Their blue eyes are pretty amazing, I must admit.
Dayne and some buddies at the pumpkin patch. We went with Dayne’s class: did the corn maze, at sunflower seeds right out of the flower, played, ate cupcakes, got really dirty and topped off the day picking out our own pumpkins. 100% fun.
Mr. Dayners, lovin’ every minute of it. He’s really cute to me when I am on field trips with him. He makes sure he’s always close by and reaches back for my hand. He’s so sweet.

One Comment on “Fall Fun!

  1. Wow. What a great family tradition. Picking out pumpkins and having a family carving session. We didn\’t every carve our pumpkins this year. Brycen is getting excited to see Dayne again.


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