My favorite Peeps!

Can it get any cuter than this? Bridget is in her favorite place, Brian’s arms. She’s such a daddy’s girl. I do love it.
Fall clean up. We’re holding on to the last sunny-warm days left before the snow hits and we are stuck indoors.
I’m not sure sweeping is the most effective solution to leaves but it’s “help” nonetheless.
Bridget’s over it. She’d rather pick at her shoes and let us do the hard work.

9 Comments on “My favorite Peeps!

  1. Some of my favorite times are just hanging out in the backyard with the kids! Looks like you had a productive day getting ready for the winter! Hope you guys have a great THANKSGIVING!:)


  2. Ok, Kass… I used to think that Bridget was a \”mini Brian\”, but now I think she looks just like you. Whoever it is that she looks like, she is adorable.


  3. So one of these days, I really would love to get together. Our lives have been busy with constant company at our house since we got here. Hope you guys have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Are you cooking for the in-laws? No pressure!! Give Craig and Linda a hug from me. We are headed to Idaho. Hope to see you soon!


  4. She is so adorable. I am so excited that you found my blog so that we can keep in touch. How was Thanksgiving with Craig and Linda? It was so good to see them.


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