GiNgErBrEaD HoUsEs!

We got together at my house tonight for Gingerbread houses. It was such a fun night. Here’s the party people. Mishy got “mini gingerbread houses” for the kids. Just the right size and a lot less fuss from the parents.
Our little family. Brian pretty much took over while I was on “Bridget duty”. If you have spent any time with Bridget you know just what that is. She is cute as a button but ready, willing and able to destroy anything in her reach-sight-vicinity. It’s actually amazing that I’m able to type this up considering the laptop I’m using had multiple keys ripped off the other day. Then after an hour or so trying to fix them with tweezers and cramped hands she got her little grubby mitts back on it to scribble with permanent marker. I keep reminding myself that it’s good for girls to have a strong personality and that she’ll stand up for what’s right when she’s older but as for now I’m just trying to survive. ๐Ÿ˜€ How I do love my little sassy girl and sweetest boy ever.

Emily and Dallen.
Such concentration! We decided Emily-although talented in many areas-is not gifted in Gingerbread house making. Better luck next year. Actually, it turned out pretty good considering the cave-in last year.
Marisha on the other hand, Miss. Betty Crocker, as you can imagine, was flawless.
Brian was hands on while I was shuffling about getting things ready.
The finished product. The night was a success.
After the houses were finished we shooed the kids downstairs while we played a very intense game of Catchphrase. Emily almost had a heart attack. We beat the boys although we were outnumbered 4 to 3. Way to go girls.

20 Comments on “GiNgErBrEaD HoUsEs!

  1. Great Pics Kass!!What a FUN night with family and friends! I love the Holidays…so much fun stuff to do!You gotta get up to Gardners Village and see the festivities!:)


  2. Fun! I love making gingerbread houses, unfortunately we are not going to be able to make them this year:( Yes, we are having a boy! I can\’t believe we only have 2 months left… Jump on in, right? I\’m a little nervous but I know most of parenting will come naturally! I hope!!!


  3. How fun! It looks like the kids had a blast. I always have a hard time with gingerbread houses because I want them to look perfect and it never works ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Martin\’s in \”da house\”. Literally. Looks like loads of fun. Your little Dayne is so dang cute, in every picture he his the biggest grin. He sure is photogenic. The houses turned out good, I bet they taste yummy too. Happy Hollydays!


  5. You have such a great family! I wish some of my sibblings were a little closer in age and in mileage to get together and do fun things like this!


  6. Gingerbread houses are the best! Looks like a fun night. Are you guys headed to Missouri for Christmas? Wish we could go too. We need a vacation… it\’s been waaaaay too long since our last one. Your kids are always so cute and stylish. Love your Christmas card by the way. Dayne looks so grown up and Bridget is just so cute. You always have the cutest things in her hair. I aspire to be as stylin a mom as you! Merry Christmas!


  7. that first picture of Bridget up top is so cute! can she get any cuter?! So fun that you all got together and had a family night of fun. I think it is so great how close you all are. btw… thanks for the nice compliment on my blog!


  8. Fun!, I love making gingerbread houses but I hate eating any part of them. I hope you have a great Christmas, but I\’m sad too that I\’ll miss the chance to come to your class. That would have been SO much fun!! Next time I\’m up, in Feb., I\’ll be there. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. It was so fun to see you and your family the other week… sorry we took off early from caroling! Joshua had a meltdown in the car because he pooped his pants and was freezing cold, and since we were only what– halfway done?– we decided to call it a night. ๐Ÿ™‚ But the part we were there for was so fun! Your kiddos are adorable.


  10. You gotta love gingerbread houses. Those are the perfect size, ours was too big that I ended up decorating most of it and I even got board. Bridget and Dayne are getting so big. I assume Dallen is your nephew… he looks just like Britt\’s little brother Kade (way back when), so cute. Have a Merry Christmas!


  11. I am sooooooo glad to know I am not the only one with a keyboard with several ripped off keys! Although I cannot figure out how to fix them. And even if I could I know she\’ll be back for more. Matthew can\’t understand how she managed to actually rip the keys off the keyboard, you wouldn\’t understand it unless you see it yourself but she is quick! Seeing how busy Bridgy is prepares me for what\’s to come! I LOVE her pig tail. I can tell what a fun night that must have been. I\’m jealous!


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