I came out from working out on my bike to see Dayne laying on Bridget’s lap. There are cute things like this that happen everyday that make me want to cry. There are other not so cute things that happen too throughout the day that make me want to cry too! 😀

7 Comments on “Kiddos

  1. You are such a babe, Kass. I wish I could see you more often, and maybe I could hire you to be my personal trainer/stylist.. you always have such cute clothes on. Happy Holidays.


  2. I agree with the double reason to cry each day. But most are the good kind, right? Well….So I decided that Dayne looks more and more like Bri, and Bridgy like you. It\’s so cute! I hope we can see you at Christmas!


  3. Diddo\’s with you and bree on the crying each day. For the most part my boys play well together but i have had some days where i want to get into the car by myself and drive far far away!


  4. Are you kidding me with that grin from Bridgi!!! And Dayners too. So cute Kass. And you are so skinny and toned. You can see that buff arm in the picture and you can see it in your tiny face. You are an instructor aren\’t you?


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