Miss, Bridget

This little one is going to be turning two on Saturday. I can’t believe it. She is so fun. Full of life, spunk and love. We love you Bridgy Girl. Our lives would never be the same without your laugh, your kisses, your squeeeeezes, your running here and there and that adorable smile. Here’s a video I took the other day with Bridget’s contagious laugh that is always filling our house-along with the screams but who really wants to hear that?! ha ha.

12 Comments on “Miss, Bridget

  1. Happy birthday sweet Bridget! I love that video of her laugh, definitely contagious. Great updates, we love to check out what you guys are up to!


  2. oh my gosh! I can\’t believe that she is turning 2! Seriously time goes by way to fast especially when you don\’t see people. Okay and your little Dane is a funny man. I loved reading your dialogues. I was seriously laughing. Your kids are beautiful.


  3. I can\’t believe your baby is 2–they grow up soo fast! I seriously think having 2 kids is totally overwhelming and am not even going to think about #3 for a VERY long time.


  4. She\’s a doll! Ty will be two in May..they grow up so fast. So Kim Rash and I came to your Zumba class a couple weeks ago and we were way sad that you weren\’t teaching the class. When do you teach usually? We want to go again!


  5. Bridget\’s laugh is so adorable. That is the best part about being a parent, hearing all those great giggles. Mmm… I just love it! We do need to plan a playdate for sure, we\’re in anytime. I\’d love to see Bridget and Colt together now that they are older. Colt is so petite but I think he could be right up there with Bridget\’s spunk.


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