Bridget turns 2!

Bridget is now 2. Wow. It’s crazy how fast two years go. She’s full of life, personality, opinions, fun, sass and cuteness.

She loves to play, wrestle, run, play in the tub (usually with my phone 😀 and pooping most the time. Now she has the good sense to step out and poop on the rug which is easier on us all-especially Dayne) She loves to push her babies in the stroller, read books, play in my “prettys” (bracelets), loves my make-up brushes, backpacks, purses, shoes, barbies… Her favorite people are her Daddy and Dayne. She loves music and when a song comes on that she likes she says, “yeah! A good one. Tur eh up pees?” She loves Olivia, Dora and her favorite music is Mama Mia.

She is always “sursy” and if you don’t have a drink ready BeWaRe! She’ll make you pay. She eats all the time and likes hearty food, meat, cheese, hamburgers, apples, eggs, waffles, and lots and lots of “canny”!!

She’s unlike any girl I have ever seen, heard of, met, known…and she’s all mine. My Lil’ Miss Bridget.

11 Comments on “Bridget turns 2!

  1. What a little babe! Love that 1st pic of her drinking, ha ha ha and how fun is it to watch a 2 year old eat a cupcake, I hope it got everywhere! Ha ha ha! Love you Kass!


  2. True to her name isn\’t she. Sorry we missed her birthday. That\’s why I gave my birthday gift at Christmas. I knew I didn\’t have a chance. Anyway, let me know asap when you are coming. I am so excited. Sorry about your phone. I am back to WW. I need all the help I can get. Wendy is going to be out here the first week of June. Call me when you get a chance.


  3. Your baby\’s 2!! It does go by so fast. She sounds like such a fun little girl with alot of personality. I think she and Halle would have a great time together….. putting makeup on, pushing babies and eating lots of candy! What we do best!


  4. Kass…i must tell you…i log into your blog to read the funny things Dayne says on the side of your page…I seriously crack up everytime till i\’m almost in tears….Too cute. HOpe you guys are doing well!! xoxo


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