Viva Las Vegas!

We were able to go to Vegas for the weekend and meet Lee and Ginger there while Lee had a convention. We had so much fun. It was jam packed with excitement-shows, dinners, eating, site seeing, laughing, story telling…my mom stayed home and watched my kids and Emily’s youngest two also so she had her hands full. We could not have done it without her.
Lee, Ginger, Bri and I waiting for the Donny and Marie show to start.
Emily and my dad.
Some of the group. All jazzed up for the show. We all loved the music, dancing, jokes…all of it. It was way better than I had expected and I now have a new crush because of it. haha.
Not him, he’s a back up dancer. Awesome, yes, but he’s no Donny.
Yup, there it is. Donny and I, dancing away.

20 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas!

  1. While Donny Osmond is cool, I need to comment on how great you look! That Zumba sure is paying off. I wish I were still a member at gold\’s. I would totally come to your class.


  2. So fun Kass! Nothing like a trip without the kids (so I\’ve heard…wouldn\’t exactly know myself!:)) Love all the new posts and pics! You look GREAT, by the way! Those arms…you must be working hard!


  3. My goodness Kass! You are skin bone and muscle! Zumba is like the refiners fire I suppose (physically speaking)!!!! Looks like so much fun. I look forward to those days with my sibs.. xoxo


  4. Wow, so you all got away without kids together. Sounds like a very fun Vegas trip. I\’ve never done many shows down there…might be something to think about.


  5. i finally got around to READING your blog. geeze, i mean like i've looked at it (pictures are so lovely… words give me ADHD)… but quite the funny blog writer! i gotta say my fave are the quotes from Dayne and Bridget… i love the phrases that come out of kids' mouths!and quit ackin' like you knoooow Donny! bahaha!


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