BBQs and Hogle Zoo.

Don’t these look amazing?!! Mikey is the master at the grill. He worked up a special sauce with Mish for these delicious shishkabobs. They were mouth watering good.
I had to get a shot with Mikey at the grill b/c this is where he spends most his time at get togethers at his place. He is the ultimate.
Ealier that day we went to the zoo with the kids. We hadn’t been before so it was a great day. Here we are feeling “at one”with the animals.
Bri and princess Bridget.
My Dayner boy. He is so sweet and really wanted to know all about the animals and especially with the Madagascar section he wanted to see all the animals from the movie. The kids loved it. Besides parking at the other end of town and probably going at the busiest day of the year it was a total hit!

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