Smores and fireflys

Sassers being crazy at grandmas.
Heather and Dayne roastin’ mallows. Heather is the best aunt ever. She plays so well with the kids. It’s adorable. Many times someone ends up in tears but it’s all in good fun.
Bri and Christy. Christly just had their 5th baby. Another boy to the family – Kendall. He was so good, sweet, little, adorable. She’s such a trooper. Hosted dinners at her place, came and hung out a ton and even came to the pool-all the while being happy and fun to be with.
Enjoying the Missouri night. It’s amaizing to see fireflys. It makes the evenings feel magical like you are in a Disney movie. I didn’t know they really existed until after high school when I went on a church history tour and went to MO for the first time. They really are magical.
Dayne, Heather, Lindsay, Lauren, Sarah and with little help I am sure from Bridget and Andrew caught something like 37 fireflys. The kids wanted to keep them, name them, make them their pets but I couldn’t sleep knowing I was soon to be attacked by fireflys. Not good- so we let them go and “find their families”

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