Watch the chaos unfold.

Here we are happy. Taking pictures.
“Smile” Can’t quite get them to smile at the same time. Dangit. Briget look at me. Smile. Wait, Dayne keep smiling, Bridget SMILE!
Okay, she’s happy. I will have to take that. Wait Dayne, now you look over here. Smile. 1..2…3….
Here is my crazy girl. Now she’s doing her silly dance and doing goofy faces for the camera.
Oh shoot. There goes her toe. Injury is always lurking around the corner with her. This led her to tears and more tears and eventually chocolate, candy and smiles.

5 Comments on “Watch the chaos unfold.

  1. Uh oh. Somebody is in trouble! YOU WERE IN MO?? No visit to your favorite Omahans? Ok I guess I'll let you off the hook this time. It looks like you guys had a fun summer! We were totally bummed that we never got together before we left. Let's stay in touch though for sure!


  2. bridget has your arms. bahaha, man, this makes me laugh. First you look like bridget when you freak out. THEN, you run like her. now you're trying to lift to have her arms? WORD.


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