Here are some pics from Missouri. We had the best time. It’s so relaxing and fun. We look forward to every part of it-besides the drive of course 😦
We took the kids to Deanna Rose. There are gardens, play grounds, animals, petting areas, fishing ponds…great place. We got rained out within the first hour so we waited out the downpour at McD’s. I have never seen rain like it. Thank goodness for french fries, ice cream and diet cokes.
Brian and Craig played in a golf tournament at the country club there. After a day of golf they got to top it off with great food. Beats the pb & js and pop tarts we were eating. 😀
Here are all the Martin grandkids. Bridget, Dayne, Andrew, Sarah, Lauren with baby Kendall, Lindsay (all Bri’s oldest sis Christy’s kids) then Brycen and Andrea (Bri’s sis Jenny’s two kids)
While the fam slept I was snapping shots of the beautiful scenery along the way. Luckily this was towards the beginning b/c the ones I got later, all you could see were the dead bugs. Blah!

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