Studio 1 Now has ZUMBA!!!

I am teaching at Studio 1 Dance Center located at 1484 state street in Orem.

Wednesday-7 am and 5:30pm
Get ready b/c this is gonna be awesome!!! Get your Zumba in first thing in the morning or after work. Zumba love!!!
Classes start June 21st. I am going to have a ZUMBA FIESTA on Saturday June 19th at 9:30am to kick start the Zumba classes.
The fiesta is free!!! Come one come all!!!!
I love all my classes and this has been a hard decision for me but I feel it’s the right one. I am going to teach earlier so I can spend more time with my family, and I am going to be doing Zumba kids classes in the fall at the Studio which was a driving force for me switching over a few days to Studio 1. I will keep my same schedule for Golds tues, thurs, and friday and a few more weeks on monday at spanish fork. I know the instructors taking over will be fantastic. 😀 and I hope I see you all at the FIESTA!!!

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