You’ll DYE for these pants! :D

Here you have it folks. Get your crazy pants right here. Here are some examples of styles. These are one of a kind pants and although you can put in your request for color and size (small, med, large) they are unique and unlike each other. They are all different 🙂 email me or leave your order in the be specific…

“I want ones like the blue/green ones but in pink/yellow…. got it?? 😀
Pants are $40 each or two pair for $70. Which can be purchased here (pull down bar on right) $5 shipping added to orders needed to be mailed.

One Comment on “You’ll DYE for these pants! :D

  1. Surely I'm not the first order?! Well, anyway, I just ordered through paypal and left my color request. I am hoping that I get the sizing right. I am a small in ayayay pants so I went ahead and ordered a small in these too. I have a little (*ahem*) meat on my hips so I don't want to get a muffin top if they are tight around the waist. 😉 Let me know if you think I should order up! Thanks!


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