Swollen Feet and Compression Socks

After a week filled with non-stop work at the Zumba® Instructor Convention, my feet are what suffer the most. But I’ll talk about that in a minute…

This years convention was busier than ever. I started off the week with rehearsals, media appearances and participated in the fitness concert in front of 8,000 Zumba instructors. The energy was amazing in that room. Everyone there has been effected by Zumba and is there to dance and have fun! What was fun for me this year was seeing good friends, my sister and my mom all smiling up at me from the front row. Yes, they were there front row!

Being that I wasn’t in dances throughout the concert (just beginning) I could come down to the floor and join those familiar faces and dance the rest of the concert with them. It was SoOo fun!

The next few days went very fast. I taught two different sessions: the return of Saturday Night Fever renamed Dancin’ Thru The Decades and a new session Crazy Country!  I could ring out my clothes I was so sweaty!

 Friday I had one session, Saturday 2 back to back and then one on Sunday. I had guest appearances in DTTD: Michael Thomas (fellow ZES-Zumba Education Specialist) came in nothing but spandex and heels and got “Physical” with us, followed by Beto later in the class with “Billy Jean”, “Wake me up before you go go” and “Ice ice baby” of course the crowd of 520 Zumba instructors went NUTSO!! and to top it off David Topel came and danced with me on stage. It’s great to see the support we all have for each other in Zumba. 😀

After all the excitement I didn’t know if I could head into another class and have an ounce of energy. When I’m so so so tired like that it’s mind bowing how adrenalin can kick in and save the day. It also didn’t hurt that I had awesome assistants helping me and keeping the energy up. After the music started I was good to go.

This year having so many friends there from Utah was key in keeping my spirits up when I was ready to zonk out. Each night after stuffing my face with substantial amounts of food and desserts (shhh don’t tell) we would go up to the lounge and hang out like we were in my own living room. I think I logged more hours laughing that working out! My sister can make me laugh so hard and having her there is so fun. Not to mention being physically spent and sleep deprived… this all added to the laugh factor.

Once all the convention responsibilities and fun had come and gone it was time to hop on yet another plane home. I was asleep before we left the ground and woke up as we were landing. My friend and fellow ZES Lindsey Taylor said she thought about taking a picture of my while I was passed out but I think her conscious kicked in and she realized a picture like that could lead to future black mailing which I would not be happy about!

At some point I stirred on the plane and realized I didn’t put on my granny compression socks. These are key in my traveling. No, I’m not 75  but still need these dang things! I step on those planes with normal feel and step off with what I call “hulk feet” bursting at the seems! Compression socks help sooo much but…in my near coma like state I forgot and alas ended up with hulk feel anyway.

I have been home for over a day and they are just now looking like Kass’ feet again. Lesson learned.

Here’s a picture someone captured of me at the fitness concert.
More highlights of convention to come. 😀

7 Comments on “Swollen Feet and Compression Socks

  1. Kass, I love your new blog and your energy. Honestly, you are infectious! So down to earth and just a lovely person. Learning from you was my favorite thing about Convention! thank you for being sincerely awesome


  2. I know the feeling, isn't it just terrible. We were rushed in LA to our Sydney flight with no time for socks… my poor lil elephant feet when I got home. Glad you had an awesome time at Convention. Hope you enjoyed the Timtams x


  3. Fitness is something that we all need to maintain to keep ourselves healthy. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and see what you are made of! Try the new ,Zumba Rocks At Bandra do something different and add a bit of action and movement in your life today.


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