Family time.

This past week has been amazing. I got to spend time with my three favorite people in the world: Brian my husband, and my two kids. 

After a very tiring and fun convention I needed some time off.  When I was flying to Orlando for the Zumba Instructor Convention I saw in the Sky magazine that Celine Dion was performing through August 18th. I went to this concert with my girlfriends when I was pregnant with B and it was amazing. Brian has always wanted to go and so my first item of business when I landed was calling him and using my power of persuasion…I succeeded. 
The drive to Vegas kicked off the fun. We are road trip people. We love to play games, sing, laugh, stop for snacks. The vacation starts the second we pull out of our driveway. Our kids are at the age when we can really enjoy them. We love family time. This hasn’t always been the case but now that they are older and not connected to a diaper, sippy cup, nursing or a stroller we are able to relax a little more and they are our little buddies. 
We spend the first night swimming at the hotel. Thanks to Brian’s savviness we were able to score a room for $35 and it was nice too! The next day we swam some more, ate at Cafe Rio (naturally I’d find a Cafe Rio anywhere, I love this place) shopped and then headed to a family/friends home where we dropped the kids off and headed out on the town-I even dressed up in a hot pink dress and heels. Ahhh 😀 it’s nice to go out in something besides Zumbawear. 😉
We ate at my favorite restaurant Cheesecake Factory and then headed to Celine Dion. She was INCREDIBLE!!! Most singers are better on their CDs—she is BETTER! Her voice is so strong, and just when you think there’s no way to hold a note any longer she does! 
Being there with Brian is what makes it complete. I get asked a lot about my traveling and how it is to see all different parts of the world and what’s my favorite place and the truth is if I’m not with Brian and the kids I’d rather be back in Utah. That’s my favorite place because they are my fun, my home, my joy. I enjoy the opportunity of being able to see these amazing places but it always feels a little empty without my family. In a perfect world I’d have them come to every event bc then we can see the world together. 
One day…one day.

7 Comments on “Family time.

  1. What a wonderful and relaxing time for you. Much deserved and I am so happy to hear that you were able to reward yourself. Thank you for sharing and I know I look forward to reading more on your blog. You are truly and inspiration to me.


  2. Loving the new blog, Kass! I have to tell you the most hilarious story about a friend of mine whose seen Celine's show a ton of times and …. oh I won't spoil it. Next time I see you (and you're not being swamped by all your fans) I want to tell you about it! Anyway, you're such a busy girl, I'm glad you have a little break! Hope to see you in class soon! Love, Angie M.


  3. I am thrilled to see you have a blog. I left the convention thinking most about how YOU have become the newest Zumba celebrity… and find you quite fascinating! I had the pleasure of taking your dancing through the decades classes… I have read that you have a family and I wonder how you do it and how you keep up this energy. Your blog here gives me a bit of insight on how Kass, as a \”normal person\” feels and handles it all. Much love to you from Michigan!


  4. How fun!! We had such a great time when we went to Phantom in Vegas! Family is certainly what it's all about and why we work so hard:)Thank you for your amazing example as a mother, wife and SUPER STAR!!~Lindsay Lindsay


  5. Oh I get it now! I was wondering why you were doing Zumba in Great Falls, MT last summer (cuz I was super bummed I couldn't be there) instead of Missoula… CAFE RIO! Well guess what Sister! ; ) They now have a Care Rio here in Missoula too! Will that be enough to bring you back to Montana? No? Oh well… guess I'll have to just keep dancin with you on my 360 here at home! P.S. Never knew you were LDS! Now me and a couple others who are also LDS think you are super DUPER cool… SERIOUSLY.. What an inspiration to another young mother (I have 3) who CAN'T get enough of Zumba! Keep rocking it! : D – Annie


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